The Pulse

Contents, Maps, & Characters

The Pulse is a story — in progress — about the danger of talking to intergalactic strangers. Because of its rather sprawling design, I’ve provided brief plot points, maps, and a list of characters. While the basic structure isn’t likely to change, I’m still writing the second half, which requires some reworking of the previous chapters.


Part One

Paris - The Actress - Martine, a Parisienne actress and intellectual, tells her story about ESP to Kenneth, a skeptical lecturer at the Latin Quarter’s Collège de France

Paris -  Equations - Kenneth ponders Martine's story

Italy - Di Parma - Lucia, an art student in Parma, goes to a cafe on her day off

Lactar8 - On Lactar8 - K, a Lactari astronomer, explores the meaning of two alien images - Lady Madonna - The Cultists of Lacter27

BC - Dinner Guests from Baulis Prime  - Berry wonders what the neighbours would think if they knew he was an alien - Roots - Soil - Light

BC - On Becoming Human  - Berry confesses a soft spot for humans - Mammary Glands - The Infraction

Alberta & Fallar Ultima - Fairy Tales  - Antonio, a Fallarian in a human body, plots against his earthly father - Summerland, BC - Natural Selection - The Brothers from Göttingen - Vulcan, Alberta

Alberta - Quest - Antonio searches for the perfect victim

The Soul Star - The Hidden Star - astronomers try to pinpoint the Soul Star within the Local Void

Alberta - Seduction - Antonio uses black magic to entice Beatrice - Vulcan

Baulis Prime - The Ascendancy of Baulis Prime - the Baulians rise from pink water to create an Empire - Time & Place - The Great Temple - History

Paris -  The Academic - Martine's Ph.D. thesis mirrors her life

Baulis Prime - Fractal Masters & Fractal Mystics - Rablanar, a Fractal Mystic on Baulis Prime, considers a frightening possibility

Paris -  Probabilities - Kenneth thinks about probability while waiting for Martine 

Part Two

Italy - Di Firenze  - Lucia suffers from a rare condition - Ganglia - Fra Sole - Febbre Fiorentina

Alberta - And Carbunkle His Eyes - Antonio stalks the garden outside of Beatrice’s home - Vulcan

BC - The Stories They Told Themselves - Berry ponders the solipsistic oddity of the human brain

New York - Prophecy 1: The Political Climate - Curtus Rufius watches the political scene - If Winter Comes - Can Spring Be Far Behind?

Paris - Lestatique - Kenneth mocks Martine's ex by creating an anime Dracula scenario

Alberta - Mirror, Mirror  - Antonio uses a magic mirror to hypnotize Beatrice - Vulcan

BC & Vicino Lontano - At Sea - Berry ponders religion, unaware of the history of Vicino Prossimo - The Bright Shore - from The Book of Fractals: Ch. 1 - The Religion of Art

New York - Jason & the Diplomat: Part 1 - Remy (a lawyer) and his wife Francine (a French diplomat) take a trip to Florida

Italy - The Outskirts of Rome - Sandra, a Canadian student, meets a gypsy in Rome - Campo de' Fiori - Le Differenze - The Gypsy - Mei-lin - Zigana

BC - Still Waters - Berry compares human and Baulian views on outer space

New York - Prophecy 2: Fax Americana - Curtus Rufius comments on the nature of history

Alberta - Prester John  - Antonio enacts his evil plans, while Beatrice takes advice from Prester John, the town priest - Vulcan

Italy - Times New Roman  - Matthew, a writer from Vancouver, contemplates the future of writing - Uno - Due - Tre 

New York - Jason & the Diplomat: Part 2 - Francine feels ambivalent about her family

Paris -  Madame Dupont - Madame Dupont, an elderly French widow, returns to the Collège de France

Alberta - On Becoming Alien - Prester John’s theology resembles science fiction - Vulcan

Alberta - Güsfreude - Güsfreude gives advice & confronts her destiny - Vulcan - Oneiricana - The Holy Grimmble - Eden Valley

BC - Virus - Berry reviews the case for not exterminating humans

Italy - Di Roma - Lucia and her boyfriend stroll into the Pantheon - Avoidance - The Pantheon

BC - Alien Extraction  - Berry feels conflicted about the value of humanity - Virus - Coronary Issues

New York - Prophecy 3: The Storm Troopers Return - Conflict brews in the Big Apple

Paris -  All Shook Up - Kenneth botches a lecture at the Collège de France & Alikiko encounters the Devil - On the Podium - Akiko & the Devil - Off the Pedestal

BC - Total Collapse  - Earth gets visitors - Frame by Frame - An Elusive Metaphor

Part Three

BC - In the New Beginning  - Berry finds a way to live a double life - The Common Good - The 7% Solution

Paris - Les Mouches - Madame Dupont finds herself on the banks of the Seine - Ultralight Beam - Le Pont Notre-Dame

BC - En Route to the Old Cafe - Berry contemplates his next move

Vicino Lontano - The Anunnaki - Lucia and Sandra find themselves far from home - On Vicino Prime - Under the Dome - Connection

Paris - At First Sight - Madame Dupont walks to Notre-Dame

BC - Screen Time - Matthew realizes he didn’t have a poetic death after all

Paris - First Contact - Madame Dupont meets the new master race

Fallar Ultima - The Condensation of Demon Saints - Farenn gives counsel to the Demon Saints of the Black Horde - The Sacred River - Farenn of Caldemar - Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Alive

BC - Dear Matthew - Matthew receives information about his new life

The Soul Star - The Soul Star - Madame Dupont goes to a novel reunion - from The Book of Fractals: Ch. 2

Paris - Au Bord de la Seine - Matthew reads about the design of Paris 2.7

The Soul Star & Vicino Prime - The Crazy Diamond - cosmographers speculate on the nature of the Soul Star - from The Book of Fractals: Ch. 2 - A Stellar Debate - from The Book of Fractals: Ch. 2

Fallar Ultima - Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Alive - Farenn gives confusing counsel to the Black Horde

Alberta & The Soul Star - The Ties That Bind - Güsfreude determines to help Beatrice, who’s trapped in Antonio’s mansion - Güsfreude’s Awakening - Vulcan - The Necrometer

The Soul Star - The Bind That Flies - Güsfreude ponders the meaning of the afterlife - Beyond Whose Bourn? - From The Book of Fractals: Ch. 3 - Like a Photon

Italy - In the Field of Flowers - In Rome, Lucia and Sandra take stock of their situation - Introductions - The Convocation of Trunks

… in progress …


The Cosmos - The Black Pulse Universe - Baulopolis & Baulis Prime - B.C. & Alberta

The Cosmos

In the real world there’s only one universe that we know of, although it has greatly expanded since the discovery of other galaxies a hundred years ago. In the novel I assume that just as we eventually found other galaxies, so we’ll eventually find other universes, even clusters of universes.

In The Pulse there are 13 known universes in a 4-dimensional cosmos. It’s not known if this cosmos is the only one that exists, yet there are no indications of any overlapping, alternate, or mirror universes.

cosmos 5.jpeg

The Purple Pulse and The Black Pulse universes are the most ancient universes and are the furthest apart. They’re also by far the largest universes, and as such they determine the largest cosmic binary revolution — indicated by the largest of the broken elliptical lines (the revolutions of the universes are more or less circular, yet I’ve used elliptical lines to give more horizontal detail to the page). The Purple and Black Pulse universes aren’t rotating around the universes at the centre of this diagram; instead, they’re being held in a mutual binary revolution. The centre of the diagram is the barycentre rather than the gravitational centre. The two original universes are so large and exert so much gravitational pull that they take the other eleven universes with them in their extremely long revolution.

In the novel The Milky Way galaxy is part of the Violet Hoop Universe, which is part of The Great Triangle, along with The Green Buzz and The Orange Hoop universes. The Great Triangle is held in a larger mutual rotation with the three universes to its right — The Crimson Stalk, Ataari Lok, and The Copper Tarn (collectively referred to as The Grey Phantom). All six of these universes, as well as the three above them (Dolcezza) and the two below them (Nebulast) — are within the larger gravitational pulls of The Purple and Black Pulse universes.

The distances between universes are far greater than represented on the map. For instance, The Yellow Sky universe is thousands of times further from The Black Pulse than it is from The Frozen Skiff.

The distances involved in this version of the cosmos are literally and metaphorically astronomical. While we presently understand our known universe to be about 28.5 gigaparsecs in diameter (93 billion light-years), in the novel our universe (The Violet Hoop) is about three times that wide — 85 gigaparsecs (277 billion light-years). (A parsec equals about 3.26 light-years; a light-year equals about 9.46 trillion kilometres).

The Great Triangle is so large that instead of using gigaparsecs (billions of parsecs) it would make more sense to use ‘exaparsecs’ (quintillions of parsecs). Similarly, the distance between the Purple Pulse and the Black Pulse would require the use of ‘yottaparsecs’ (septillions of parsecs). One yottaparsec would equal 10^24 parsecs, that is, 10 to the power of 24 parsecs, or 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 parsecs, or 3,260,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 light-years. Exaparsecs and yottaparsecs aren’t used in real-world astronomy because there’s nothing that large in the known universe.

The Black Pulse Universe

fallar grab.jpeg

Baulopolis & Baulis Prime

baulis map 1 with sea.jpg

B.C. & Alberta

bc alta map cropped.jpeg


The novel is set in 2020; the ages of the characters (in parenthesis) are in 2020.


Kenneth (36) - an Oxford scholar lecturing at the Collège de France in the Latin Quarter

Martine (31) - a doctoral student and ex-actress; going out with Kenneth

Antoine (40) - Martine’s ex, an instructor at the Sorbonne

Madame Dupont (86) - a widow and holocaust survivor; previously married to Conrad

Conrad (d. 2019, at 93) - an English scholar from Oxford; married for 59 years to Madame Dupont

Balazan (533) - a Baulian integration specialist who helps orient Madame Dupont


Lucia (26) - an art student from Parma who moves to Florence and visits Rome

Sandra (21) - a Canadian who studies in Geneva and visits Rome

British Columbia

Berry (28) - a UBC student who was born on Earth yet was “infracted’ at age 13 to become a Baulian

Juniper (28) - Berry’s girlfriend at UBC

Matthew (33) - a writer

Beelzebannur (401) - a Baulian integration specialist who helps orient Matthew


Antonio (64) - the devil from The Black Pulse who seduces Beatrice

Beatrice (18) - the belle of the prairies, duped by the cosmopolitan image of Antonio

Prester John (29) - a priest in the town of Vulcan

Güsfreude (99) - Beatrice’s grandmother, living in Eden Valley

New York

Curtis Rufus (55) - an American historian

Meaghan & Kristy (19 & 20) - students

Remy (45) - A lawyer, married to Francine

Francine (42) - A French diplomat, married to Remy

Jenny & Sam (10 &11) - the children of Remy & Francine


K (d. 2015, at 240) - an elderly Lactari, the first of his species to see evidence of alien life

Glontar (390) - the Lactari rebel who writes disturbing stories about alien life forms


Rablanar (520) - a Fractal Mystic who warns the Fractal Masters about their vulnerability

Fallar Prime

Farenn of Caldemar (790) - a philosopher whose counsel is sought by the demon saints of the Black Horde

The Black Horde (ages unknown) - the most powerful beings in the Black Pulse

Vicino Lontano

The Anunnaki (ages unknown) - the most powerful beings in the Purple Pulse

The Soul Star

… in progress …