The Pulse: Vicino Concordia

The Anunnaki

On Vicino Prime

The invisible beings slowly emerged from their subatomic shields and turned into fine contours of mist. Mist became water and water resolved itself into blood, neurons, and flesh. Shimmering and tactile, they pulsed life into nervous systems, digestive systems, limbs, ears and mouths. 

The Anunnaki were considering whether or not to counter the latest move of the Black Pulse, whose Horde was now meeting in mirror formation in the depths of Fallar Ultima. While the Baulian takeover of Earth seemed far away, and while Earth was a beautiful but unnecessary planet, its proximity to the Soul Star could not be overlooked.

The twelve Anunnaki disappeared for a fraction of a second as the Pulse emanated from the top of the Dome and into the depths of the cosmos. A fraction of a nanosecond later, the pulse returned, streaked in bands of orange.

halo head 5 streak slim.jpg

Under the Dome 

Lucia was sucked up the oculus of the Pantheon like a mouthful of Apero spritz up a straw. Looking down, she saw a dozen glowing entities in a circle, in the centre of which was a purple sphere. 

The Anunnaki displayed their assent by refracting Fra Sole’s image onto the crystals of the Great Dome.

halo head 5.jpg

The extremities of what was once her body tingled, then scintillated, then pulsed from the centre of her consciousness down to the platform that held the twelve aliens, and then pulsed back up again. Once the pulse was complete she felt different. Her contact with the platform had infused her with points from twelve universes, fractalled in orange light so intense that she thought it would burn up every shred of her existence.

But her awareness didn’t vanish. Rather, it was intact and yet at the same time pulsing in synchrony with the twelve entities, which were themselves pulsing in various sequences with the purple sphere. The sphere pulsed in sequences with the twelve yet it also transferred these sequences into a different sequence, one that that went so deep into the subatomic realm that location and time were irrelevant. Or at least it seemed they were irrelevant. The Anunnaki were said to have cousins in another cosmos, but no one outside the Dome had even the ghost of an idea what that might mean.

Across from her, Lucia saw another human form. 

chag 2.jpg


The last thing Sandra remembered was opening a tin door into a gypsy’s caravan, somewhere on the outskirts of Rome. She remembered being a Canadian student in Geneva, and taking a trip to Rome. She remembered wanting to be somewhere even further than Geneva. Somewhere that would make her change the way she saw the world. 

She remembered noticing the shapes of the coffee cups she drank from in Campo dei Fiori. She thought it was just the size and shape of the cups, but now she saw the differences in the designs that were interwoven into the circular walls of the cups. The designs became more elaborate, stretching horizontally in each direction. They wove together like the images of leaves, flowers, fabrics, stars. They were like the stems of Alphonse Mucha, if his patterns could move.

much 2.jpg

The images spread out wider and wider until they came together on the other side. The lines of the designs were the lines of her neurons reaching from one side of the Dome to the other, where they interlocked with the neurons of Lucia. The moment the patterns interlocked it was as if their myelin stems opened and the neurons flowed one into the other, dendrite into dendrite, soma into soma. Mind into mind and flesh into flesh. Flesh into mind and mind into flesh. They were separate, but part of the same Something.

Chagall images from the Musée National Marc Chagall, Nice (photos, cropping, and colouring by RYC)

Chagall images from the Musée National Marc Chagall, Nice (photos, cropping, and colouring by RYC)

Finally, a single pulsed convulsed their bodies. A series of complex waves vibrated from one body of neurons to the next, connecting them in a way that made both of their bodies arch and then collapse.


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