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ACADEMIC WRITING (1130) - Introduction - Contents - Outline - SCHEDULE: Week 1-5Week 6-10Week 11-14 - Higher Learning - Essay Structure - Marking - Rhetoric Intro & 3 Aims - 16 Strategies - Samples - Lord of War - Calvino - Gandhi - Evaluation - Boston Legal - Samples - Research - Texts: Misc - Mad Men - Cox - Notes

POETRY (1114) - Introduction - Contents - Outline - SCHEDULE - Higher Learning - Essay Structure - Marking - Essays - 6 Categories: 1 2-5 6 - READINGS: Week 2-4Week 5-6Week 8-10Week 11-13Worksheets: Hamlet - Sonnet 116 - Romance - Ophelia - Ermita - Achilles - Rough Passages - Hallelujah - Lemonade

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PoemsGospel & Universe (on agnosticism) The Pulse (novel in progress)

The Confused Astronomers of BabylonThe Priest’s Dilemma

StoriesThe Wink of the Simurg (criticism in progress)PhotosAbout Me

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GOSPEL & UNIVERSE explores agnosticism using prose, poetry, fiction, art, history, autobiography, astronomy, religion, philosophy, etc. It explores how we got to not knowing an ultimate truth, what it's like to not know, and what might follow from not knowing.

1. The Sum of All Space / Location Cubed page 1: Third Spinning Rock from the Sun / The Paradox of Infinity p.1: The Chinese Sky / Two Poems p.1: If Only 1: Bruno & Yeats —— 2. Religion / In the Beginning p.1: Myth and Religion / Christianity p.1: Agora Phobia —— 3. Agnosticism p.1: The Problem with Explanations —— 4. Saint Francis p.1: San Francisco —— 5. Almost Existential p.1: Poor, Bare, Forked

The Pulse is an experimental novel (in progress) about the danger of talking to intergalactic strangers. Because the novel has many narratives and locations, I’ve supplied a briefly annotated table of contents and a list of characters by location. The clearest picture of the overall structure is in Chart & Maps.

Part One p.1: (Paris) The ActressPart Two p.1. (Italy) Di Firenze — Part Three p.1: (BC) In the New Beginning — Part Four p.1 (New York) From the Battery

The Confused Astronomers of Babylon is a comic, fictional account of Moses in Babylon. Page 1: Moses and the Apple Merchants of Babylon 

The Priest's Dilemma is a fictional account of a Parisian priest's struggle with the facts of science and history — in particular, the discoveries of evolution and cuneiform in the 1850s. Page 1: Rivers of God 

The Italian Who Was at a Loss for Words is a long short story set in Palermo, and contrasts the obsessions of a geologist, a student, and a professor. Page 1: Pietro ParlanteBrief Stories: Proust in the Morning - Cloud Illusions - The Girl Who

The Wink of the Simurg (in progress) is a critical study of Salman Rushdie's early novels, focusing on his use of mythic and religious paradigms such as as the flight to Attar's Mount Qaf or the union of Parvati and Shiva on Mount Kailasa.

Photos & About Me

About Me — Chronology: 1960—1980 - family in Alberta & Saskatchewan; Calgary, Paris, & Geneva - 1980—2000 - marriage, travels in Asia, & Vancouver - 2000—2020 - family, friends, languages, & travel


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